At SoCal Video, our extensive experience (along with our small, carefully selected team) has taught us how to be a lean, mean, video production machine. We pass along this knowledge and experience to you in both pricing, flexibility and speed of project completion.

Phase I: Pre-Production

Laying the groundwork is essential to developing a great video. Pre-production is where we figure out the best game plan for crafting your message. We decide on the video concept, the look/feel and the style. We then write the script, cast any actors, decide on location and set design. Finally, we lock down all the other details involved with how the actual video is going to look, sound and perform.

Phase II: Production

Now that we have the road map developed in the pre-production stage, it’s time to put it all together in front of the cameras. This is where our professional crew do what they do best; create the perfect video to get your message across!

Phase III: Post-Production

Our editorial post-production team takes to the affectionately named “dark room” to shape your story, handle color-correction, record any voiceovers, clean up the audio, add music, create graphics and fine tune your video so that it looks exactly like we planned in pre-production. Post-Production is where you will see the first rough cut for you to review.

Phase IV: Final Revisions

Once you have seen the first rough cut, you will have a chance to share your thoughts with us. Then our team goes back for one final round of edits to make sure everything is perfect.

Phase V: Output

With the final cut completed and signed off on, we create high definition files of your video that can be used for a variety of formats including web advertising, large TVs or even broadcast television.

Phase VI: Marketing

Once your video is completed, our team will create optimized, targeted video ad campaigns on Facebook and YouTube. This will guarantee the fastest ROI possible for your videos.