Gabriel Bryan (Marketing)

Gabe brings over 10+ years of digital marketing experience to NorCal Video. He has worked with (and continues to work with) companies and advertising agencies around the globe. Gabe’s past work includes consulting on multiple Super Bowl video ads as well as managing multi-million dollar ad campaigns spending over $10k a day in ad costs alone. Gabe fine tunes all scripts and storyboards to make sure every video NorCal Video creates will produce the most ROI in the shortest amount of time.

Aaron Bryan (Director of Photography)

Aaron is our Lead Director with international cinematography experience. He spent over a year studying film production and theory in the US before moving to Europe where he worked on local video projects including foreign language films. While in the UK, he studied theater and drama at multiple English Universities. On his return to the US, he wrote and directed multiple short films across a broad range of genres and styles. Whether it be using his film production expertise or his polished writing style, he looks forward to every new challenge and strives to leave the client with the perfect video to accomplish their goals.