SoCal Video fuses unique storytelling, marketing intelligence and creative problem solving to produce the most memorable, and effective messages possible for our clients. We are a small, strategic video production agency who combine our passion for creative communication with clients who make a difference in their communities. We collaborate with you to visually charge your message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that stands out from the crowd.


We take your vision and create carefully crafted visual stories to make your company stand out from the competition. We transform your product or service from a one dimensional “commodity” in the mind of your target audience into a three dimensional solution that they can connect with and imagine using in their own lives.


The right Video can make your business unforgettable. We create the right video by understanding your business, your goals and your target audience. Then we decide the best kind of storytelling that will resonate with that audience. It could be documentary style, humorous or emotional. It may star your team, actors, your customers or a spokesperson. It’s all about finding the right style to get your message across!

You want creative ideas that stand out and stick with your audience. SoCal Video provides a unique understanding of video marketing informed by intuitive creative thinking and an experienced, passionate team. Our perspective allows us to craft ideas that stick with your audience and make a lasting impact with your message.

You want a video that drives results, not just views. Our goal is to create videos that influence your audience and further your mission, not look pretty for an awards show. We use our understanding of strategic messaging and communication to do just that. Couple that with a strong creative sense, and the result is more than just a good looking video commercial. It’s a visual marketing message that will make you ROI far into the future.

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